Puppy Grief.

by blueberrieblues

My puppy companion of 7 years passed away a couple of months ago, hence the silence. I’m still trying to sort out my thoughts and find myself again. Our dog suffered from multiple health issues and in the end, it was a string of seizures due to his epilepsy that ended his life. Medication through an IV wasn’t keeping them at bay and he gave me that look. You know the look. He lifted his head and told me that it was time and that’s when I had to make the decision to say good bye.

These past few months have been trying. Not only on me but my relationship with my husband, family and friends. I’ve been a recluse and when I’m in social situations, I don’t know what to say. I miss him. We did everything together. And most of all, I miss me. I miss how easy things were with him around. Change is as difficult as moving on. I’ve been eating my way through the grieving process with not much physical activity. Life is a daze.

This past weekend, we picked up a new puppy. She’s young and needs a lot of training and attention. She’s absolutely adorable but I feel completely guilty when I want to love on her. I don’t want my love and memory of our last dog to be forgotten. I didn’t grow up with much death and this, has been unbelievably hard. Does anyone have amazing advice for accepting and understanding the death of a loved one? How can I get back on track with managing my depression and anxiety, especially when all I want to do it curl up on the couch with comfort food?