What Dreams May Come.

by blueberrieblues

Depression. I’m going to go deep on this one. When I’m in the lowest of the low and still see the light, I say to myself that depression will one day take my life. I fear that one of these times, I won’t be strong enough to get back up and to keep fighting.

I’ve been hit hard by the recent passing of Robin Williams because it hits too close to home. In a discussion with my friend, I mentioned that he must have suffered greatly during those final hours. As a person that suffers from anxiety and depression, I know how it feels when you’re at that low. I also know that it can get to a point where you’ll do anything to turn your mind off, to end the nonsense. Robin Williams was a brave man and I have no doubt that he fought hard. He made it this far.

The great thing that comes from his death isn’t the reliving of our fondest memories of him but rather, that the topic of depression, anxiety and suicide has come out into the forefront. The subject has been so quiet over the years. It’s almost something that people feel ashamed of. And really, does a person that suffers from such a disease need to feel more of this? We are smart, we just have minds that over think, that are chemically imbalanced. I read an article today that states, “Suicide is the 10th-leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” My jaw dropped. Wow. It’s up there on the list and here we are, not bringing awareness to the disease. One can only hope that through this tragedy, more research is conducted, the topic continues to be discussed and that we are all supportive of those around us.

Our actions can make a bad day worse or a good day better. As humans, we are responsible for looking out for one another. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see someone that’s down or if you’re the one suffering. There is always hope and there is always a new day. Stay strong. The light is just ahead.

Sidenote: One of the Robin Williams films that impacted me the most is What Dreams May Come. It’s close to this very topic and is absolutely beautiful.