The Royal Family & Mental Health

by blueberrieblues

How are you doing today? I mean, how are you truly doing? That’s the question Prince Harry and Bryony Gordon are asking on the first episode of the new podcast, Mad World. Each week, Bryony Gordon of the Telegraph will host to different guests about their experience with mental health and how it has been a part of their lives.

Today, The Duke of Cambridge, William, continued to push the subject into the spotlight with his conversation with Lady Gaga. Listen here.

Read more about their initiative on mental health in an exclusive interview on CalmZone, here.

Learn about the Royal Foundation’s charity of choice for this year’s London Marathon, Heads Together.

The truth is, you are not alone. Have the conversation with someone. Tell me, what’s bothering you? What’s on your mind? How are you feeling today? It’s okay to be you.

Let’s talk.